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Category: Arcade
Platforms: iPad 3, iPad 4, Android 4.0

Hidden from the human eye, monsters you never knew inhabited planet Earth have now left their comfortable shelters! This is a special time in our history - it only happens once every 10 000 years. It's the only worldwide tournament crowning the strongest, quickest, smartest and most agile monster of all! This is… Monster Shake!

Category: Logic/Puzzle
Platforms: iPad 3, iPad 4, Android 4.0

DiceTris+ is a simple yet challenging brain puzzle game. Fill the board by dragging different shaped blocks into the correct place to fill the space and beat your opponents. If you think it sounds simple then think again! Ever wanted to play Tetris against your friends? Now you can! This is an addictive brain teaser and fun for all ages. Bringing even more fun when played with DICE+

Category: Boardgame fans
Platforms: iPad 3, iPad 4, Android 4.0

Go back to the 17th century and the era of the piracy, build your own fleet and be the strongest in the Caribbean! Pirates is a card game with exciting auctions, dice and a lot of emotions. Be lucky, be clever, get the best cards and build the strongest fleet!

Category: Classic, Logic/Puzzle
Platforms: iPad 3, iPad 4, Android 4.0

Backgammon is a new, digital version of world’s oldest game. According to the Greek saying “life without backgammon would be like a desert without sand”. Now, with DICE+, this game becomes even more exciting! It is all about having more luck and being cleverer about removing your checkers from the board before your opponent does!

Category: Party
Platforms: iPad 3, iPad 4, Android 4.0

Have you ever played Twister? Get your fingers on the board! Roll the dice and place as many of your fingers on the board as the dice show. The DICE+ shows the number and the colors of the squares which you need to touch. Be quick because the clock is ticking!

Category: Logic/Puzzle
Platforms: iPad 3, iPad 4, Android 4.0

Are you fast at choosing and adapting strategies based on your opponent’s moves? If yes, Rainbow Jack is the perfect game for you! Collect 21 points in one out of five rows from the numbers appearing on the screen and do it faster than your opponent to win the game… Numbers you roll on DICE+ with random colors which only allow you to add them to a specific row.

Category: Classic
Platforms: iPad 3, iPad 4, Android 4.0

For centuries people around the world have played this game in its different variations. The challenge which makes the game so popular is the race to get your characters from the start to the finish quicker than your opponents based on the results of your rolls. With DICE+, this board game becomes far more attractive and interactive than ever before.

Category: For Kids
Platforms: iPad 3, iPad 4, Android 4.0

This Way Up is a powered board game for the youngest. Just roll the dice, collect some animals on your way to get points and finish the journey faster than your opponents to win the game. Fabulous characters will make the game very enjoyable for kids.

Category: For Kids, Education
Platforms: iPad 3, iPad 4, Android 4.0

Bella and Max tells a story about a cat and dog. It is a perfect game for children – full of fun, but also smart. Your kid will surely enjoy an adventurous and educational journey with these two charming friends.

Category: Education
Platforms: iPad 3, iPad 4, Android 4.0

Once upon a time… Man is a board game for 2-4 players that educates through fun. You can get to know the history of human civilization in an unusual way. The player chooses which epoch they want to delve into, takes on various challenges related to the epoch at hand and collects precious coins. Thanks to DICE+, the fate of one of the protagonists is directly in your hands.

Category: For Kids, Education
Platforms: iPad 3, iPad 4, Android 4.0

As well as being true fun, Chuchumba is a counting challenge for the youngest. Players have to train their memory and concentration by pointing out which carriage the character is hidden in. Whoever collects the biggest number of candies for correct answers wins the game.

Category: Boardgame fans, Logic/Puzzle
Platforms: iPad 3, iPad 4, Android 4.0

Supremacy is an action-packed strategy game for up to 4 players, designed by Reiner Knizia, a rock star in the world of board game design. With the help of DICE+, the players have to take over a deserted island. Players have to prepare the right strategy in order to defeat other empires.

Category: Adventure
Platforms: iPad 3, iPad 4, Android 4.0

DICE+ Adventures is an RPG board game for 2-4 players. With the help of DICE+, a group of characters with different skills and personalities journey through the land and solve various tasks – all in preparation for the final fight against the dragon that terrorizes the realm. Only the best-prepared adventurer will vanquish the dragon and gain the king’s recognition.


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